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Astoria Rotary Ride

September 14, 2008

So here I was while we waited to meet Dennis Frames brother in law – 47 layers of clothes on – ok, maybe 5 – and the day was shaping up to be clear (though at this point, crisp was more accurrate. Oh, and the FOG in the mountain – downright cold!)

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The NAA conference 1st annual 5k run/walk

September 10, 2008

Given my back soreness, it was mostly a walk for me, but it was beautiful. Along the river, the golf course, saw magpies and the uphill (which was significant rising up from the river) stretched my back well. Yeah!! Finished it – so hey – i got my tee shirt! I love being part of […]

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I so love central Oregon…

September 9, 2008

Putting clothes away in my room, the sliding door is open and I feel the warm breeze, hear the golfers swinging away, and listening to Pandora – whoever invented Pandora, and leaves it as a free way to listen to music is currently my hero. We have a 4 pm 5k run/walk. Depending on how […]

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The unnamed river

September 9, 2008

Not that I am saying for a minute that this place exists, or that if it did, I could say its name, but these photos don’t do it justice. Brad and I had a lazy, gorgeous day on the river in his awesome boat – the photos were meant to capture the reflection on the […]

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Saturday with Ryan

September 8, 2008

So this is the ever cool Ryan standing on his very own townhouse terrace, overlooking his amazing view – trees, the water, the wildlife…does it get any better? Apparently it does – he has the SAME wonderous view from his upstairs room. Had a great day at UofO with Ryan; lunch, catching up, the token […]

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I actually thought for a minute I would sleep in…

September 7, 2008

…when the call came in for an early fishing adventure. So, I am headed to buy lunch, and going to bed as soon as possible, to be at Brad’s by 4:15. Yes, 4:15 AM. I really love fishing. Apparently.

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gorgeous morning

September 5, 2008

ahh…the difference a good night’s sleep and a less sore back make. And poof – just like that, she has her old cheeriness and hopeful spirit fully engaged. Off to add the finishing rejuvenating touches in a wonderful hot shower and a motorcycle ride to work.

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making it through the day

September 5, 2008

sometimes the running away plan screams “good idea” to me – of course the practical side of me knows better, but the fantasy occasionally makes sense through the filter of the day to day crap. There are soccer kids in the field, I am deciding about getting lost in a silly movie or just calling […]

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work and such

September 4, 2008

tomorrow is our status report. why do I think we are going to get bashed? hmmmm

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oh my aching back….

September 3, 2008

…is not QUITE so aching any more….thank you thank you thank you Marilynn. Though I think you might have a sadist bone or two in you, you have incredible healing hands and a joyful, child like heart. Yeah Marilyn!

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The end of the holiday weekend

September 2, 2008

I wound up actually getting a few things done today. That feels great. Saw Mama Mia (which made me smile on so many levels), I heard from Texas (his text message says he is lost…I cannot begin to imagine), I organized the information on the Philippines trip into a new big folder, and got stuff […]

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Just Wondering

September 1, 2008

How brave do I need to be to start the real writing?

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hard news

August 31, 2008

what do you say when someone calls to tell you their son has died this very day in a car crash? I am at a loss for words. Instead, I put up photos of a new mosaic. It is a tree, growing, and for some reason that seems an appropriate response right this minute.

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pondering travel

August 30, 2008

So it has been almost a year since this trip to New Orleans. I am feeling the pull. The need to move, explore, travel. I know the Philippines trip will be here in the blink of an eye, but right THIS MINUTE, February feels a lifetime away. Maybe that is partly why I think I […]

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